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To me, there is nothing more important than the relationships we build and sustain. The importance I give to all my relationships is the primary reason that motivates me to want to bridge as many differences as I can.

This was evident 5 years ago, when I was privileged to take a school trip to Tanzania. Visiting a village elementary school and helping build a classroom and toilets for the local students was certainly the most rewarding experience of my life. Despite the fact that I could not communicate with them,  it was our smiles and laughter, and the happiness we brought each other that highlighted the power of human relationships to me.

Three years later after thorough planning and organizing I partnered with the Dare Women's Foundation in Tanzania in order to found a club which teaches Tanzanian women English in order to support them within their households, but to also educate the Tanzanian youth in English. I did not let several technical and cultural barriers prevent me supporting the relationships I had formed in Tanzania. In moments of hardship, I referred back to the values I treasured and reminded myself that impacting each other’s lives and making each other better people is exactly what humans are meant to do.

the proposal i presented

I would like to start a club at ABA in partnership with the Dare Women’s Foundation in Tanzania. The Dare Women’s Foundation is a Tanzanian NGO which empowers women to become strong leaders through feminine hygiene care, entrepreneurship, nutrition education and conservation. The founder of the foundation is Maggie Simbeye Duncan, more commonly referred to as Mama Maggie. She is one of the safari tour guides for ABA students on their annual Tanzania trip and recently came to ABA for Tanzania week. ​

the need

At the beginning of the year, I reached out to Ms. Burns with the suggestion of starting a club at ABA which helps teach English to the students at Loiber Sirett School, the school that ABA students visit on their annual Tanzania trip. However, we were presented with many different hurdles to do with technology and internet issues. We finally came up with a solution which would only involved teaching a few high school students and not the primary students. Although we were happy with this idea, we found that it was not reaching as many students as we would have liked.​

the solution

Ms. Burns suggested that I talk to Mama Maggie when she visited ABA. We had a wonderful discussion and discussed the following points. 

Mama Maggie feels that through her foundation, we can make our dream a reality

benefits of this solution
what are we going to do
future projections

By having a solid base of educating women in Tanzania, this club could benefit students outside of Loiber Sirett School.